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A significant area of focus for Whitecap Sports Group is limited partnership (LP) interests in major

league sports franchises. Unlike sports ownership/private equity funds, WSG provides prospective

investors with access to direct equity interests in major league teams and sell side services to

existing team owners who hold minority/LP interests and are seeking to divest. WSG will assist team

owners in achieving current fair market value for their ownership stake, and for prospective

investors, we offer opportunities where they have full autonomy over the market, acquisition price,

holding period and exit strategy.

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Working with team owners to assist in positioning their asset (full, majority, or minority/LP equity

interest) for potential sale.  WSG's process starts with a valuation analysis and assessment of fair

market value done by our internal investment banking associates, and continues through market

research, buyer procurement, negotiation, contract, and approval stage(s).

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Buy side representation is an appropriate option in cases where general criteria is determined, and

WSG associates are needed to proactively uncover opportunities on behalf of a prospective buyer.

This work can be done across all major and minor leagues, and in most geographic territories. This

process leverages long standing relationships, our in-house research analysts, and not only unlocks

opportunities for team acquisition and ownership, but assists throughout the offer, negotiation,

contract and approval stages.

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WSG is able to offer consulting and advisory services that are outside traditional team ownership

acquisition parameters and better aligned with new or growing sports related ventures that require

additional capital through private investment, or ongoing, stable ventures that are looking to position

for an exit strategy.

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Not sure if you are ready to test the market?  WSG can assist with a brief or detailed analysis of

market conditions, comparable transactions, and industry trends/expectations, in order to provide a

current assessment as to fair market value.

Securities transactions are conducted through GT Securities, Member FINRA/SIPC, and by WSG associates who are affiliated with GT Securities.  Whitecap Sports Group is not affiliated with GT Securities.

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